December 2017 Newsletter

Holiday Shopping Safety

During the holiday season, people are out busily shopping to buy gifts for their loved-ones. While most people are out with joyous intentions, this is also a prime-time for thieves to make big scores. With that said, people must stay situationally aware and not let their guard down. Below are some tips for keeping you safe while shopping during the holiday season:

  1. Park your car in well-lit areas. This allows you to see what’s going on, in and around the area.
  2. If possible, back your car into the parking space so you can easily leave after getting into your car. This position makes for a quick getaway if someone with ill intentions tries blocking your path. It’s much easier to drive straight out of a parking space than backing up, stopping and then proceeding forward after turning.
  3. Always keep your vehicle locked.
  4. Look at the area around your vehicle before approaching it. If someone is lurking around, either wait until they are gone or report them to the local authorities.
  5. As you approach your vehicle, look under it as well as adjacent vehicles to make sure no one is laying underneath. Criminals will wait there and pull your feet out from under you as you are getting into your vehicle. Once they have you on the ground, they can rob or assault you.
  6. Always look into your vehicle’s front and back seats prior to getting in. if you see someone inside, walk away and get help. Never confront someone in your vehicle.
  7. Carry pepper spray, a stun gun or strike tool in your hand while walking to your vehicle. Waiting until you are confronted to look for these items is too late. (Check your state’s laws to determine what you are legally allowed to carry.)
  8. Don’t load yourself down with so many packages that you cannot hold your self-defense tool in your hand or observe your surroundings. Use a shopping cart or make multiple trips if necessary.
  9. If you get into your vehicle and see a piece of paper on your front or rear windshield, don’t get out and pull it off. Often, thieves place these papers there. When you get out of the vehicle to retrieve the paper, they steel your car, which usually already has the key in the ignition. Drive away to an area your can ensure no one is near and then pull the paper off.
  10. Don’t leave packages inside your vehicle, in plain view. They are invitations for thieves to smash the window and steel them. Store packages in the trunk, out of site.
  11. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash. Pay with a check or credit/debit card when possible.
  12. Carry your credit cards in a wallet designed to block the radio frequency (R.F.) signal they emit. Thieves roam around with scanners capable of picking up these signals and can obtain your credit card information while they are still in your purse or wallet.
  13. Packages delivered to your home by online shopping sources, such as Amazon can be easily stolen if they are left outside your door. Sign up to see delivery tracking and status on these types of items so you can either be home when they are scheduled for delivery or have a neighbor retrieve them.


Holiday Home Security

December has the highest burglary frequency of any month in the United States. This is primarily due to presents being in homes around the holidays. Below are some tips for keeping your homes secure:

  1. Always keep your doors and windows locked.
  2. If you have an attached garage, keep the door between the garage and house deadbolted. It only takes six seconds to break into an overhead garage door.
  3. Don’t keep presents in plain view from the outside of the home. They are invitations for criminals to rob you. Move presents away from windows and doors, closing the blinds at night and when you are not home.
  4. Don’t place boxes or containers from high-dollar items (computers, TVs, stereo equipment, etc.) near the garbage. They only advertise what you have and criminals scout neighborhoods looking for which houses they want to rob. Collapse boxes from these items and put them inside the garbage can.
  5. Criminals often pose as couriers to gain access into your home. Once you open the door for them, they push their way in. Let them leave the package outside and retrieve it after they are gone. If you order a high-dollar item that requires a signature, you can use the tracking feature, so you know when they will be delivered.


Item To Keep You Safe

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Vertex Tactical would like to wish you a safe and happy holiday season with peace & cheer in the New Year!

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